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MEP EP#20: I Will Never Know You Viper

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Runtime: (55:55)

Parker Dillmann
Stephen Kraig

Matt Keas
Brian Dorton

Podcast Notes

  • Matt Keas is an onboarding instructor over at The Iron Yard. Matt has a background in software and startups. He runs tech related conferences like Space City JS.
  • Brian Dorton is the campus director for The Iron Yard at Houston. Brian has his background in teaching and has just started to get his chops in programming.
  • The Iron Yard will take you from “zero to hero” in web development.
  • Brian wanted to not compromise his BBQ so he built an IoT BBQ. It is based off the Heater Meter by CapnBry. It was Brian’s first exploration into hardware (See Figure 1 for his IoT BBQ).
  • Stephen, Matt, Brian, and Parker talk about Feature Creep and how it effects personal projects and customer projects. Design specifications are always changing (See Figure 2 for the controller Parker was working on at Dynamic Perception).
  • Matt talks about reverse engineering the IoT “cloud”. They paused the video to find the parts list. Here is the cloud Matt and Brian built (See Figure 3).
  • Hackaday is advising the United Nations. The UN recognizes that HaD is a technology information aggregator and that the Hackaday community has become a world leader in thinking about new designs, implementations, and increased availability of assistive technologies.
  • An IoT-Enabled Toothbrush Wins America’s Greatest Makers contest that was sponsored by IBM. It is called the “Grush” or the Game Toothbrush. The prize was $1 million USD. Stephen thinks a IoT toilet called “Bombs Away” could help kids become potty trained.

Figure 1: Brian Dortons IoT BBQ with some delicious brisket.

The controller iterations Parker worked on.
Figure 2: The controller iterations Parker worked on.

IoT "cloud" Brian and Matt built.
Figure 3: IoT “cloud” Brian and Matt built.

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro theme!