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MEP EP#193: Robots Have Fall Damage

Podcast Notes

Episode 200 is Coming Up!

  • Question / Answer setup like Episode 100
  • Send them via Audio Format to podcast@macrofab.com

Matthew Prater

  • Started out as a radiochemist making diagnostic Positron Emission Tomography agents for 15 years
  • Went to teach chemistry and research classes in public schools for 5 years
  • Now teaching at the University of Advanced Technology in Tempe, AZ as a professor of robotics and embedded systems


  • What did you do as a radiochemist?
    • Antimatter?
  • Your roll at UAT?
    • Research
    • Robotics and embedded systems degree?
  • Student Innovation Projects and Performance studio projects
    • What are they?
    • What is your contribution?
    • Are they assigned or do students pick them?

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!