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MEP EP#19: Panning for Caps

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Runtime: (48:57)

Parker Dillmann
Stephen Kraig


Podcast Notes

  • With the broken tap removed progress continues on the SAIM. Parker almost has the upper gantry done.
  • The SSPS front panel test is is scheduled to be built next week. Should have an update on the front panel next podcast.
  • Parker is going to make a REV 2 of the MacroWatch. Going to change the PIC16 to a Silicon Labs Sleepy Bee.
  • Stephen is learning more about programming the Parallax Propeller. Gotta flush those buffers.
  • Parker is going to add a GPS module and a cell module to his Prop Fan project.
  • Stephen made a mistake on a large board layout and had to drill out some VIAs.
  • Parker goes on memory lane on learning how to draft and draw in CAD. Stephen talks about Patent Drawings. Patent Drawings have a standard.
  • Stephen has been sick with a stomach bug so he wasn’t able to get much done this week, but he did get some new transformers (See Figure 1). Parker shows how to get gains by lifting them.
  • Stephen’s transformers where designed by the sloclones forums. They are the kitchen sink of audio transformers.
  • The Space Echo RE-201 is getting an over haul. Will be getting recapped this weekend. New front plate and a new wearable kit that replaces all the parts that wear out.
  • Dustin and Stephen are working on a python script to control a programming and test fixture for a customer. Computer does everything automatically.
  • Stephen brags about his latest dance move: Adjusting the Scope (See Figure 2).
  • People are making really awesome modified gameboys using Raspberry Pi Zeros. Will be a great project to build an all in one emulation board using the Octavo OSD3358.
  • The FAA can detect drones/Quadcoptor with an AUDS (Anti UAV Defense System). Can also jam the radio signal.
  • Stephen asks Parker a Boat and Rock “interview” question.

Figure 1: The transformers Stephen received earlier this week for the audio amp he is working on.

Figure 2: Stephen’s new dance move that is sweeping engineering labs across the nation: Adjusting the Scope!

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro theme!