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MEP EP#178: Little Shop of Transformer Horror

Podcast Notes

Check out our new MacroFab Design Contest: Useless Machine Sponsored by Mouser Electronics!

First “Entry” by Gerben! This must be made.

Josh Rozier

  • Transformer Shop Story
  • What is different between a power transformer and an output transformer?


    • EEPROM interface working for single read and write bytes
    • Functionality of the base firmware for the Screen functionality
      • Shows the normal Face.
      • GPIO 1 on the SAO connector toggles where the Face looks
      • EEPROM address locations for “damage” and “anger”
    • Github still needs to be cleaned up before public


  • MacroAmp
    • Enclosure and other parts arrive tomorrow
    • Thank you to Mouser Electronics for sponsoring this project!
  • Kraig Brewing Controller
    • Creating a new controller for controlling my beer fridge
    • 6 temperature probes
    • Wifi Connectivity
      • Silicon Labs solution
      • External Antenna
    • Processor
      • Silicon Labs
    • Screen and a few buttons
    • Takachi Enclosure


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MacroAmp PCB Render.

Stephen’s MacroAmp PCB render. This project is sponsored by Mouser Electronics!

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!