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MEP EP#17: System-in-Package (SiP) Platforms with Greg Sheridan

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Runtime: (36:25)

Parker Dillmann
Stephen Kraig

Greg Sheridan

Podcast Notes

  • This week Stephen and Parker have a guest: Greg Sheridan of Octavo Systems.
  • Greg is the Marketing and Sales Manager for Octavo Systems.
  • Octavo Systems builds “System-in-Package” or SiP style chips to reduce the complexity of board layout and offset the costs of more PCB layers. Their first product is a Beagle Bone on Chip IC called the OSD3358.
  • Greg can rattle off the part number no problem as he was the one that came up with the naming convention. OSD3358-512M-BAS.
  • Octavo Systems takes the die of the IC they want to integrate and combine it with the DRAM, decoupling, and power regulation needed and put them on a custom substrate. The IC die is then bond wired to the substrate. See Figure 1.
  • Octavo Systems gets their dies direct from the manufactures like Texas Instruments.
  • The OSD3358-512M-BAS can be purchased at Digi-key in singles for almost $50.
  • The BGA is a large pitch of 1.27mm. Octavo hopes it will help out the maker group. Uses normal IC packaging technology so it should be fairly robust. Thermal performance is very good.
  • FCC/CE certification will be coming soon. Greg does not expect any problems given how short the traces are.
  • Octavo is looking at integrating more devices for the future. They are not limited to the semiconductor process when selecting sub systems.
  • The Ello 2M on CrowdSupply is a really “neat” stackable PCB portable computer for learning to program and hack hardware. Runs a PIC32MX MCU and Basic OS. All open source on github.
  • Greg saw the PocketCNC at MakerFaire. They have a version made completely our of FR4 called the Machine Shield.
  • Industrial enclosures for the the Raspberry Pi actually exist.
  • Video explaining how the Raspberry Pi 2 reset when a Xenon Flash his the PCB.
  • Nest releases an open source version of its networking protocol called OpenThread. Will make all IoT devices talk to each other.

Figure 1: The OSD3358 System in Package with a clear epoxy top.

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro theme!