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MEP EP#125: The Open Source Episode with Robert Keim

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Parker Dillmann
Stephen Kriag

Robert Keim

Podcast Notes

  • Robert Keim
    • A graduate from the University of California of San Diego with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering
    • Technical Director for All About Circuits
    • Extensive experience in a wide variety of fields, including
      • Analog design
      • Firmware development
      • Digital signal processing
      • Power management
      • Motor control
      • Digital camera design
      • Low-noise PCB layout
      • System integration
      • Designing for harsh environments
      • Neural networks
      • Software-defined radios
    • Role of open source information in the EE community
      • What does Open Source mean to you?
        • Robert: Knowledge, that originates from labor and is freely available. True acquisition of knowledge.
        • Parker: A tool for learning – seeing how things were made and creating your own version
        • Stephen:  More emphasis on knowledge and understanding vs the execution
    • Do you think that open source projects can be a long term financial success, or are they a social movement and more about bringing knowledge and functionality to the community?
    • Version control for PCBs and how that workflow may differ from software version control
    • How you would collaborate with multiple Electrical Engineers on a single PCB (schematic and layout)?
    • What’s one of your favorite articles that you wrote for All About Circuits and why? The Clean Power Series – decoupling capacitors
    • Favorite Microcontroller/Development Board/Toolchain
    • Where do you see EDA tools in 5 years? Least favorite EDA tool?

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Robert Keim from All About Circuits

Robert Keim from All About Circuits

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!