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IoT particle photon

MEP EP#122: Brandon Satrom and the LANoT

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Parker Dillmann

Brandon Satrom
Brandon Medium Blog
Carrot Pants Press
Particle Blog

Podcast Notes

  • Brandon Satrom
    • Developer evangelist for Particle
    • The founder of Carrot Pants Press
    • Loves to talk about Javascript, open source, microcontrollers, robots, and what ever new shiny tool or technology that is currently distracting him
    • Kitchen Sink of badges designed for Maker Faire San Mateo.
    • Favorite Bagel
  • Blinky of IoT
    • Parker unboxed a Particle Photon
    • Included in the box is a photoresistor, a LED, breadboard, and some resistors
    • Parker built the circuit and programmed the Photon in under 5 minutes
  • Building an IoT Device
    • Spec Sensors 3SP Ethanol 1000
      • Low Power Consumption of around 10 to 50 uW
      • Individually Calibrated with NIST Traceable serial number
      • 0-1000ppm Ethanol range
      • It has 3 analog outputs
        • Vgas which is proportional to the gas we are measuring
        • Vref which is around half the supply voltage and is used as a fixed zero reference
        • Vtemp is the temperature of the sensor used to set the temperature compensation
    • Particle Photon reading the analog outputs of the Spec Sensors 3SP Ethanol 1000
      • Posts to the cloud about the status of the sensors
      • Code for this can be found here
      • Issues porting the Arduino Code to the Particle Platform
        • Floats -> Doubles
        • Particle.Variable do not show up if you are doing Particle.Publish too fast
    • Another Particle Photon pulls data from the particle cloud and drives a relay board
    • The relay board is connected to an industrial light tower
      • Light tower – NPTL5-W-E
        • 24V
        • Pull down I/O lines to turn on lights
  • Other Questions
    • Future of IoT?
    • Particle Hardware Tech Details
      • Cellular
      • Mesh
      • BLE5
      • 4G
    • Why use a Particle device over a ESP32 or ESP8266?
  • Discount codes for MEP Listeners
    • Particle is giving MacroFab Engineering Podcast listeners a discount
    • Use the URL https://store.particle.io/discount/MacroFabFam to get 15% off anything in the Particle Store
    • For free shipping use the code “”ParticleFamShipping”
    • Gets a free starter kit with the mesh Particle boards by using the code “ParticleFamStarter”
  • Announcements

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Brandon Satrom of Particle

Brandon Satrom of Particle


Unboxing a Particle Photon

Unboxing a Particle Photon


Setting up the "Blinky" hardware for the Particle Photon

Setting up the “Blinky” hardware for the Particle Photon


Particle Photon hooked up to the Ethanol Sensor


The latest IoT craze that will be on Kickstarter soon!

The latest IoT craze that will be on Kickstarter soon!

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!

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