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MEP EP#12: Silicon Condensors

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Parker Dillmann
Stephen Kraig


Podcast Notes

  • Stephen built a power supply for an old school tube microphone for Josh. Josh does the recordings for the Podcast. See Figure 1 for the schematic.
  • Microphone is a Sony C37 tube condenser microphone.
  • Parker has been working on an article for the blog about designing and building simple test fixtures for low to medium volume production runs. See Figure 2.
  • Parker has also been working on code to run a large VFD display. Part number is CU40045-UW1J. This is for Parker’s fan controller for his Jeep. See Figure 3.
  • Blunty released a really cool video of a tour of the Nvidia Silicon Failure Analysis Lab. The equipment is pricey! They can pinpoint the exact transistor that fails on the die.
  • Microchip released the PICDEM Lab II. Parker used a PICDEM Lab I for developing the MacroWatch REV 1. Stephen was watching the video about it and the recommended video was about Dave Jones ragging on the PICKIT 3.
  • Desktop Siege Cannon that uses flash paper to make a fireball. Should we design an ECE version that uses electrolytic capacitors charged in reverse polarity to cause them to rocket out the barrel?
  • Big Clive took apart a USB soldering iron that actually works! Parker thinks with USB 3.1’s higher power rating of 100W a serious soldering iron could be designed.

Figure 1: Schematic for the power supply Stephen made for Josh’s microphone. Drawn by Stephen.

Figure 2: Simple Fixture Parker made for testing and programming a development board.
Figure 3: Animation of brightness control on a CU40045-UW1J VFD.

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro theme!