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MEP EP#112: Bruce Hamby and Owning Your Product

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Parker Dillmann
Stephen Kraig

Bruce Hamby

Podcast Notes

  • Bruce Hamby
    • Attorney with the Hamby Law Firm
    • The Hamby Law Firm focuses on patents, intellectual property, trademarks and business law
    • Has been an attorney in the Houston region for over 15 years
    • Also a California attorney
  • Own Your Brand
    • One of first things to consider when bringing a product to market
    • What is the difference between a trademark and a copyright?
    • Register trademarks in U.S. and Internationally
    • Name is important as it denotes source and ensures that your name is legitimate and authentic
    • Don’t just protect your brand, protect your ideas
    • United States Patent and Trademark Offices (USPTO)
    • International filings
  • Own Your Technology
    • Patents
    • Establish ownership
    • Making sure it’s a quality patent to give you the most protection
    • Open Source? Licensing
    • Owning Your Tech in Other Countries
    • China and your intellectual property
  • Establish Freedom to Operate
    • Crucial step that shouldn’t be overlooked – listen to the reasons why
    • Reading/evaluating patents
    • How to conduct IP searches and evaluate if you infringe on a patent
    • Should you even look at other patents?
    • Is it illegal to try to patent something that you know is not original?

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Bruce Hamby

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