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MEP EP#107: Orthogonal for Mutual Conductance

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Runtime: (01:01:08)

Parker Dillmann
Stephen Kraig


Podcast Notes

  • Stephen
    • Melted Solid State Relay in electric brewery setup
      • “Finally gave up the smoke”
      • New SSR is rated for 40A
      • Installed a blower fan on the heatsink for extra protection
    • GFCI Breakers
      • Monitors current on both legs of the circuit and makes sure they are within 5mA of each other
      • Parker is going to use a SPA 240V 50A GFCI setup for his brewery setup
  • Parker
    • DAC board update
      • PCM5122 based DAC design
      • Same chip as what is on the HiFiberry DAC+
      • Had to change out the in series resistors from 1K Ohm to 27 Ohm resistors to get the communication to work
      • Digital Logic Analyzer Verse Oscilloscope
    • Soldering Iron ownership history
  • Rapid Fire Opinion R.F.O.
    • PCM2912A USB microphone chip
      • USB Interface, Mono Microphone Input, and Stereo Headphone Output
    • Found in a Datasheet for LAN9514 pg 15
      • When disabling port power, the driver will actively drive a ‘0’
    • The BenHeck show is losing its host
    • Adventures in Autorouting
      • /r/electronics thread
      • It is definitely written by a software person
      • They do not take in account RF noise, stability, power return and ground loops
      • “Imagine today’s standard 4 layer boards routinely being fit into 2 layers without any human effort.”

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Page 15 of the LAN9515 datasheet. Parker isn’t the only one to have made this joke!


One of the DAC boards Parker designed. Runs the PCM5122 from Texas Instruments.

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!