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MEP EP#106: John Teel of Predictable Designs

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Parker Dillmann
Stephen Kraig

John Teel
Predictable Designs

Podcast Notes

  • John Teel
    • Founder of Predictable Designs, a company which helps startups, makers, and small companies develop new electronic products
    • An award-winning design engineer for Texas Instruments (TI) where John designed numerous successful microchips which are found in millions of popular tech products
    • Predictable Designs
      • Making product development process as predictable as possible
      • Predicting the pitfalls and costs, with a focus on the initial stages of product development
    • Common questions people ask
      • How much will it cost to develop and manufacture my electronics product?
      • How long will it take to get my product on the market?
      • I don’t have tons of money, so how can I get my product to market?
      • I don’t have any product development experience, so how can I get my product to market?
    • Common mistakes made by new hardware entrepreneurs
      • Underestimating the complexity and time to develop a manufacturable product
      • Scalability of a product from prototype to mass production.
      • Jumping headfirst into full product design without an understanding of the steps and costs that lie ahead
      • Over focus on product development without enough early focus on marketing

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