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MEP EP #158: Jason Cerundolo of Reclaimer Labs

Podcast Notes

  • Jason Cerundolo
    • An engineer experienced in mechanical, electrical, and firmware engineering
    • Jason has over nine years of experience as a hardware engineer and working on electronic designs in Silicon Valley
    • In his free time, he works on open source projects, such as USB Type-C tools and projects
  • USB Type-C Power Delivery PHY Breakout Board
    • A breakout board for the FUSB302
      • USB-PD PHY for BMC communication used in USB-C connectors
    • Determine plug orientation (normal or reversed)
    • Determine or advertise Type-C power levels (5 V at 0.5, 1.5, or 3.0 A)
    • Use BMC communication to negotiate USB Power Delivery Explicit Contracts up to 20 V and 5 A (100 W of power)
    • Negotiate Alternate Modes to reuse the pins in the Type-C connector for other purposes
  • One of the problems that I always run into with USB designs is the “Am I doing this right?”
    • Testing, debugging, and evaluation
  • What is a good place to start if a hardware designer wants to get into USB Type-C?
  • Quick hardware layout tips for USB signals
    • Standard high speed signal routing applies
    • For USB 2.0 just keeping them the same length should be enough
    • For Superspeed USB 3.0+ length matching for each pair is more important

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Jason Cerundolo of Reclaimer Labs.

Jason Cerundolo of Reclaimer Labs.

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!