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MEP EP #152: Third Annual MacroFab Star Wars Christmas Special – Vader’s Fake Fingers

Podcast Notes

  • Josh Rozier
    • By day Josh Rozier does business intelligence and data analytics for a large, east-coast insurance monolith
    • By night he is Roz, a level 5 Scoundrel and chief troublemaker of the StarWars D20 RPG group
  • Is the Force a Force?
    • Midichlorians – Stephen has a potential justification for this
    • Originally described as part of the cellular makeup of a Jedi
      • This is taken as a living organism or carbon-based thing but maybe not
    • Obi-Wan, in A New Hope says that The Force is “an energy field created by all living beings.”
    • Perhaps Midichlorians are a name for a subatomic particle that acts as a gauge boson
      • In particle physics, a gauge boson is a force carrier, a bosonic particle that carries any of the fundamental interactions of nature, commonly called forces. Elementary particles, whose interactions are described by gauge theory, interact with each other by the exchange of gauge bosons—usually as virtual particles
      • Photon –  carry the electromagnetic interaction – All electrical Action
      • W and Z Boson –  Carry the Weak interaction – Radioactive Decay
      • Gluons – Carry the Strong interaction – Holds particles together
      • Gravitons (theory)
    • Could the force be a gauge boson that interacts with all bosons? Could jedi just possess more of the gauge bosons?
  • Hyperspace Ramming
    • Why was this not done in previous installments?
    • Hyperspace sniping bases
      • Ability to ram things at lightspeed would make capital ships entirely obsolete
        • They are just massive expensive easy to kill targets
      • Why does the empire keep building planted destroying superweapons?
        • If that’s the goal all you need is an asteroid and a hyper drive
    • Droids can pilot ships so it is not a question of suicide/kamikaze
    • Only Capital Ships have enough mass and large enough hyper drives?
      • Xwing weighs around 12,000 lbs (estimate based on fighter planes) or about 5500 kg
      • Assume just light speed and not FTL so Velocity is ‎299792458 m/s
      • Kinetic Energy is ½ mv^2 so we have around 247,157,674,152,624,851,000 Joules of Energy or around 247 quintillion Joules
    • Hyper Drives are expensive
      • All X-wings have hyper drives and tons of those where blown up trying to defeat the deathstar
        • Where you could have taken a single Xwing and just hyperspace rammed the deathstar. 1 Verse 20 ships lost?
    • Gravity wells cast “Hyperspace” shadows
      • Possibly DeathStar has enough gravity?
      • We know from The Last Jedi even the largest of ships do not have enough gravity
  • 12 Parsecs? Solo’s famous line that shows Lucas has no idea what he was writing
    •  Solo’s line from A New Hope – Millennium Falcon “made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.”
    • Parsecs is a measurement of distance instead of time
      • A unit of distance equal to about 3.26 light years
    • Traveling to Kessel has a set path to travel through the space storm
      • By going into the maelstrom and off the set path, Han was effectively taking a shortcut, cutting the distance down to 12 parsecs
    • Tho pretty much any ship can then take this short cut
    • Another Idea however, If the Falcon is “The Fastest ship in the Galaxy” it can indeed fly closer to the blackhole seen in Solo and still escape it thus actually being able to cut down distance
    • Schwarzschild radius of objects
  • Predictions from the previous podcast
    • Stephen was right – Luke Died
    • Parker was wrong. Though is Rey really a Jedi without training?
    • Rey didn’t change her name to Neo
  • Predictions for EP9?
    • Is luke actually dead?
    • Will we see CGI Carrie Fisher?
  • Best and Worst movies of the Star Wars Franchise.

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Luke using his Midichlorians to manipulate the Boson.

Luke using his Midichlorians to manipulate the Boson.


Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!