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MEP EP #148: A Unique Perspective on Feature Creeping

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Parker Dillmann
Stephen Kraig


Podcast Notes

The podcast got mentioned in an article! 12 Great Podcasts for Engineers from the Mind Tribe blog. Mind Tribe is a design driven engineering firm based in San Francisco. The list spawns from a survey from the engineering team at Mind Tribe. Thanks Mind Tribe for mentioning our podcast!

“This is a technical podcast by a Texas-based PCB fab and assembly house where the two hosts (Parker and Stephen) have conversations about electrical engineering. Parker and Stephen provide a unique perspective on hardware and the show is both entertaining and educational.”

  • Parker
  • Stephen
    • “Feature creeped” my way into designing a 20 band graphic eq and a fancy solid state effects loop
      • 20 band eq with +/- 12ish (simulation shows 13.8) db of gain per band
      • Each band has a Q of 2.87 so they end up being ½ octave
      • Using the 1kHz standard
      • Designed with “constant Q” in mind
      • W taper pots and ways to convert that
      • Both the FX loop and the EQ interface with 200v input signals
      • Applied a 1:50 reduction to get within a reasonable range.
  • R.F.O.
    • STM releases STM32 Cube MX V5.0
      • Redone UI and cleaner look
      • Better searching options
      • Looks like a more streamlined approach to configuring your uC. Sort of a “left to right” path
      • What is your path? Pins first? Clock First? Communication? Timers? Interrupts?
    • CNC Router options?
      • Need a 2’ x 4’ CNC machine
        • CNC Router Parts
        • Vacuum Table
        • Get a Guest for DIY CNC
          • Picking out lead screws
          • Motor specifications: Stepper Vs Servo
          • Controllers
    • Cheeseburger Compass
      • GPS and Raspberry Pi combined to let you know where the nearest Cheeseburger fast food place is.

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Parker has lots of routing work left on the RPI Compute Module board.

Parker has lots of routing work left on the RPI Compute Module board.


Diagram of the potential PCB stack up for Stephen's EQ design.

Diagram of the potential PCB stack up for Stephen’s EQ design.

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!