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MEP EP #147: Charlyn Gonda and the Ever-Lowering Fence between Software and Hardware

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Parker Dillmann
Stephen Kraig

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Podcast Notes

  • Charlyn Gonda
    • Coder by day, maker by night
    • A chronic problem solver and is currently in the middle of her year-long project, 12 Months of Makes
    • Has too much fun building circuits, creating things with 3D printing, crafting hats and coding IoT devices!
  • Topics
    • Charlyn what is your background? Day Job ect?
    • Why did you become a Software Developer?
    • How did you go from a Software Developer to building Hardware for the first time?
      • Any particular reason you wanted to start building hardware?
    • How do you approach hardware design? Is it in anyway the same as software development or radically different?
    • What is the 12 Months of Makes
      • Projects you have completed so far?
      • Almost at the end of the 12 Months of Makes. How successful was the experiment?
    • Words of wisdom to other software developers that are thinking about hardware creation?

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Charlyn Gonda: Software Engineer by day, Hardware Designer by night.

Charlyn Gonda: Software Engineer by day, Hardware Designer by night.


Charlyn’s Bongo Cat project dancing to the #Bongocat hashtag on twitter.


The Sharknicorn hat uses the Uber API to display the status of your ride in the form of a light up RGB unicorn.

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!