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MEP EP #144: Espress-ify? Designing Products Around the ESP-32 Platform.

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Podcast Notes


  • Zapp
    • Chief Bling Officer (CBO) at AND!XOR
    • During his limited free time he writes vulnerable C code, dabbles in Kicad, and trolls Arduino bot accounts on Twitter
    • Never been seen at the same time and place as Batman…But then again, neither has Stephen
  • Hyr0n
    • A button pusher, easily replaced by a thousand monkeys with a thousand laptops, but manages to crank out firmware and hacker puzzles
    • If you’re reading this statement, he already has root access to your computer

We have had Zapp and Hyr0n on the podcast before. Check out MEP EP#69: Incognito Mode and MEP EP#109 Arduino, The Gateway Drug To #BadgeLife.


  • Hyr0n’s Theremin
  • Arduino bot accounts?
  • Quick Recap on DEF CON 26 and the Bender AND!XOR Badge
  • Engineering Process behind badge design
    • idea -> thing
    • Come up with all the ideas and Venn Diagram the hardware needed to enable those ideas
  • Espressif ESP32
    • Pushing it to the limit
      • Spec sheet thots “oh shit, nice, lots of ram”
      • Developer after math “oh shit, xtensa sdk blows, it needs all that RAM”
    • Pros and Cons
    • Hardware and software interactions are interesting and poorly documented
    • Erratas?
  • SD Card failures?
  • Hackaday Badge and Hackaday Super Conference
    • Zapp and Hyr0n are giving a talk about lulzcode and hardware puzzles
    • Lulzcode docs

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The man, the myth, the beard. Hyr0n of AND!XOR.

The man, the myth, the beard. Hyr0n of AND!XOR.


Zapp at his day job.

Zapp at his day job.

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!