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MEP EP #142: Supply Chain Conspiracy Securities

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Runtime: (01:08:41)

Parker Dillmann
Stephen Kriag

Misha Govshteyn
Chris Church

Podcast Notes

  • Misha Govshteyn

    • CEO of MacroFab
    • Founder of Alert Logic
  • Christopher Church
  • Supply chain hardware and software security
    • This topic spurs from recent allegations from bloomberg about the possibility of a hardware supply chain infiltration in Super Micro Computer Inc, which may cause security concerns for servers owned by Amazon, Apple, and Facebook
    • Underlying premise of the alleged hardware hack
    • What is the general structure of intelligence agencies that makes something like this probable or possible?
    • Existing public cases that are similar
    • Is this hack even technically feasible?
    • What impact should this have on our supply chain decisions?

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Misha (left) and Chris (right)

Misha (left) and Chris (right)

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!