MacroFab Milestone – 1,000th Panel

June 13, 2017.

This week we’re celebrating an important milestone in our company’s young history. We’re are assembling our 1,000th panel! Every job or panel can contain orders for 20 or more customers. Since hitting the market in 2015, we have experienced many successes and have serviced thousands of customers. Our CEO, Chris Church, successfully closed an additional $3M in funding this year, which has allowed us to grow our team to build the best electronics manufacturing platform and experience out there.



MacroFab is transforming the contract manufacturing experience from a manual, time-intensive and error-prone process, into a transparent and connected experience. We have developed software to manage all assembly operations, whether it’s a single prototype or production run. Through our platform, customers can upload files, submit their bill of materials (BOMs), view quotes instantly, and check on the status of their projects, in real-time.

This early achievement is the beginning of many as we continue to innovate, develop strategic relationships and grow our tightly-knit team.