MacroFab Adds Production Manufacturing Services, Expansion into Mexico

We are excited to announce expanded production manufacturing capacity with our first international factory in Tijuana, Mexico. These services enable MacroFab to offer globally competitive pricing to our customers, so you can scale production, while using the same, streamlined experience our platform provides.

For high-volume orders, you can now access instant international pricing through our platform’s easy PCBA quoting interface. Once you upload your files and confirm your BOM, you’ll navigate to the quoting screen. From here, you can see price breaks per unit, and update quantities to view lead times and where your boards will be assembled (USA or Mexico).

example of MacroFab manufacturing services data

Our volume production facility offers substantial cost savings for orders up to hundreds of thousands of units. Our new factory is fully integrated into our platform so you’ll get the same real-time status updates and transparency you’ve grown used to from our lower-volume and prototyping assembly services.

Benefits of cloud production manufacturing

Through our technology and expanding international footprint, our customers can easily scale their production and receive globally competitive pricing. MacroFab has always offered production services.  With our new factory, we are more equipped to help companies manufacture their products faster, more affordably, and with greater control than they could before.

MacroFab manufacturing services expanding to Mexico

Integrating with our software

Our manufacturing facilities, both in Houston and Mexico integrate with our software platform to monitor the production of thousands of orders, assisting hundreds of hardware companies around the world, every month. This process enables us to vet, prototype, and produce in a fraction of the time.  Our service comes at a fraction of the cost of traditional contract manufacturers while providing our customers with an industry-changing experience.

Redefining electronics manufacturing

MacroFab is redefining the electronics manufacturing experience from a manual, time-intensive, and error-prone process performed by large teams of people, into a real-time, streamlined, and connected software-driven experience. With our globally competitive prices available instantly, and an interface that provides more information in a clearer format, it’s now easier than ever for you to take control of your projects. Our factory in Mexico is the first of many new facilities we will bring online, with several more currently planned expansions in North America and Asia.