KiCad Property Editor

Platform Update: Improved KiCad Support

We’re happy to announce an entirely new KiCad processing engine to make it easier and faster to create new PCBs in the MacroFab platform for designs made with KiCad.

As new versions of KiCad have come out, our original processing engine had trouble keeping up with the changes in file formats and features. Additionally, due to limitations in the processing engine, KiCad users generally had to take more steps to create a new design than Eagle or Altium users had to. With our latest update, you can now do everything you need with just two files from KiCad.

The MacroFab platform can now process all needed gerber layer files, part placement, and bill of materials data directly from KiCad native files, while also handling the latest versions of KiCad without error. This means, as a KiCad user, you only need to upload the .kicad_pcb and .sch files and the MacroFab platform will automatically process all of the data necessary to build your board.

KiCad Property Editor

For more information on working with KiCad files in the MacroFab platform, check out our knowledge base article.

Have any questions? Reach out to our support team and we’ll help.

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