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Expanded PCB Layer Options. Introducing 10, 12, 14, & 16 Layer

More PCB layers available! We are happy to announce our latest PCB specification expansion: support for 10, 12, 14, and 16 layer boards. With this platform update, the MacroFab Platform will now generate instant quotes for 2 to 16 layer PCBs. This allows you to get your complex PCB assemblies quicker than ever before.

New PCB Layer Counts

PCB Layers.  MacroFab specifications now expanded up to 16 layers.

Our standard  options for  2 and 4 PCB  layers work the same way they always have — we panelize your prototype design with other prototype designs that optimally work together for assembly. You pay only your share of the overall materials and labor costs.

However, if you need 6-16  PCB layers, you will get your own full-size panel which is run through our production class service with minimal NRE charges.

The production class service allows for additional solder mask and silkscreen color control for your PCB assembly with no additional charges. Feel free to make a dark brown solder mask PCB with yellow silkscreen!

From Prototype to Scaling Production

These additional PCB specifications will enable designers and hardware engineers to quickly iterate between hardware prototypes by getting real-time pricing on complex PCB assemblies. Don’t wait for weeks on a quote . You don’t even have to work with a sales rep, unless you want to. The self-service MacroFab Platform allows you to get instant prices on PCB assemblies.  Our cloud manufacturing system keeps all your information intact within a single digital thread.  If you decide to run prototypes in larger production runs we will have that information complete and ready for our North American factory network. 

If you get stuck at any point during the process, don’t hesitate to reach out to support@macrofab.com for help.