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CEO Chris Church Speaks at HYPE Event 

Our fearless MacroFab leader and founder Chris Church spoke at the Greater Houston Partnership’s HYPE [re]Defined event (HYPE Event) on Thursday, Feb. 8th.

Houston Young Professionals & Entrepreneurs (HYPE) brought together young professionals and entrepreneurs to engage in the diverse Houston community, learn from amazing entrepreneurs in the innovating startup world, and enjoy some great food. Church shared the stage with Marcus Davis, founder of The Breakfast Klub, and Sahar Paz, Director of Culture at Pink Cilantro.

Church discussed his background and how growing up in a business-minded family led him to create a company that helps its customers build the future through their hardware devices. Having success and sharing that success with the customers is an important aspect to Church’s method of running MacroFab. He also shared some wisdom on the motivated and innovative culture he has created at MacroFab:

“For [us] there is no Plan B or Plan C. It’s all Plan A. This is what we’re doing.”

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