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Best of 2018: MacroFab Edition

Everyone here at MacroFab would like to thank every one of our customers and supporters that have been with us over the past year. We appreciate our community for giving us amazing feedback to improve our online platform and for helping us grow our electronics podcast. For the very last blog post for 2018, I have compiled a list what I consider the best of MacroFab from this year!

New Feature Releases for the Platform

In 2017, we launched our net software interface for the MacroFab platform. This year in 2018, we expanded its capabilities, improved the platforms performance, and added new customization features for PCBs. Look forward for 2019 to bring even more features to our platform!

MacroFab in the News

MacroFab was founded in 2013 and we launched our online platform in 2015. Since then, MacroFab has redefined the electronics manufacturing experience and grown out of the original 800 square foot warehouse where Chris and I started the company at. Here are some news articles that where written about MacroFab over 2018.

Podcast Growth and Best Episodes

With over 150 episodes, 320,000 plus total downloads, and a currently weekly rate of over 5000 downloads, the MacroFab Engineering Podcast is one of the more unique content we create here at MacroFab. What started as a experiment to generate weekly content for the blog has exploded to be part of our community and people’s weekly routine. In 2019, lets hope Stephen and I can keep our zero week missed streak going! Here are some of my favorite episodes we recorded over 2018.

Best of Engineering and Industry Articles

The goal of our blog is to educate our community and customers on electronic manufacturing industry news and create knowledge articles on aspects of electrical engineering design. Here are some of our top articles from this year.

Around the Fab

This year was a big year of growth for our team and community surrounding MacroFab. Here are some articles that highlight our community and the culture we foster at MacroFab.

Some of Our Amazing Customers

Here is a small sample of some of the customers we showcased this year on our blog and main website! If you want to be featured in a case study or red hot PCB blog article let me know! We are always looking for the coolest products and amazing PCBAs to cover.

See y’all next year in 2019!