Case Study

Tony Arkles


As an independent consultant, Tony Arkles needs to meet a variety of expectations from his clients. From software development to building connected devices, Mr. Arkles provides a wide range of complex technical services.

MacroFab’s easy-to-use cloud manufacturing platform equipped Arkles with the ability to focus on product design, while remaining in control of the manufacturing process.

Project Overview & Challenge

When Tony Arkles started receiving requests from his clients to build connected hardware devices, he faced having to find manufacturers that would build a multitude of products in small quantities. Add to that, he also wanted a hassle-free solution that would allow him to provide a completed and tested product to his customers.

“My life has become so much easier from using the MacroFab platform. It has allowed me to get more done and have a larger customer base.” – Tony Arkles, Design Consultant

Traditionally, Mr. Arkles faced very long lead-times and large amounts of paperwork just to produce one device. He wanted to be able to input an order quantity, press a button, and have their products shipped to them as they demanded.

MacroFab Solution

MacroFab’s full-service electronics manufacturing capabilities helped to eliminate the stress of prototyping, and has allowed Mr. Arkles to improve his revenue stream by relieving his schedule of countless hours and stress of building and testing circuit boards.

The easy-to-use user interface allowed Arkles to upload his design files, select his components, based on price-ranges from his clients, and order his circuit-boards to be shipped directly to his clients’ customers. He relied on our kitting, packing, and shipping capabilities to make sure that all of the shipping and fulfillment issues are resolved regardless of quantity. His revenue and business plan have become more streamlined as a result of using MacroFab.

Upon discovering MacroFab, and our cloud-manufacturing platform, he was relieved to see that he could easily upload his design files, select thequantity, and meet his clients’ needs.

“I no longer need to deal with any of the stress of building circuit-boards, testing them, and changing the design for my clients; all of that is handled for me.” – Tony Arkles, Design Consultant

In the future, Mr. Arkles hopes to take advantage of MacroFab’s inventory management services and API integration to further simplify the manufacturing process for his clients. In the meantime, he will keep on relying on our push-button fulfillment abilities to test and iterate his clients’ prototypes and then bring them to their customers’ doors. His favorite advantage of working with MacroFab thus far is that he remains in control of the decision making process without bothering his clients with minute details.

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