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Rabid Prototypes


Shawn Swift founded Rabid Prototypes in 2009 as a concept from the first Ghostbusters costume he made. The prototype costume was such a success, that Swift went on to launch Rabid Prototypes and expanded further by launching three successful Kickstarter campaigns with the help of MacroFab.

MacroFab played a key role in helping Swift’s Kickstarter campaigns succeed and move onto larger batch productions. MacroFab enabled Swift to test his initial prototypes at affordable costs and scale-out manufacturing as his Kickstarter campaigns met and exceeded their goals. If it weren’t for MacroFab, Shawn would not have continued his Kickstarter projects or launched his own company.

Project Overview & Challenge

Initially when Swift received requests to recreate the original Ghostbusters costume he had made, he contacted traditional hardware manufacturers in the United States and China and found them to be very expensive and unreliable. His orders came with many defects and often required that he work on them for a few extra weeks on top of the original production time. He randomly stumbled upon a reddit that talked about MacroFab and our cloud manufacturing solution for printed circuit board prototypes. When he submitted his project and got an instant quote, he was shocked at how easy and affordable it would be to manufacture with MacroFab.


“Without MacroFab I never would have been able to have such successful campaigns and turn my Kickstarter campaigns into a full-on business, they out-beat the competition astronomically.” – Shawn Swift, Founder of Rabid Prototypes

Swift was initially surprised to learn that a service like MacroFab’s even existed. Local manufacturers he found quoted him at a few hundred dollars per prototype, which was not feasible for him. Foreign manufacturer would only do a batch of 1000 boards without prototyping or testing, while still running the risk of receiving faulty boards. These worries were soon solved when Swift learned of MacroFab’s cloud manufacturing solution.

The MacroFab Solution

MacroFab’s prototyping capabilities allowed Swift to test each of his five Kickstarter campaigns before he launched them to ensure their success. This led to creating three very successful campaigns, a strong presence on Kickstarter, and allowed him to start his own business. Thanks to MacroFab’s scalable manufacturing, Shawn didn’t incur any sunk manufacturing or inventory costs. The ability to only order exactly how many boards he required was the key to his success, and the main reason he continues to use our service till this day.

“If it wasn’t for MacroFab’s ability to order new PCBs as I needed to, I would have many angry customers. Your user-interface allows me to login as needed and bump-up my orders depending on how many backers I get, which has really alleviated the hassle of any financial and resource planning on my end and allowed me to focus solely on creating a great product. I don’t know what I would do without you guys.” – Shawn Swift, Founder of Rabid Prototypes

Going forward, Swift plans to reach sales of up to 5,000 on his latest product, the Neutrino, while expanding his product line with two new Kickstarters this year. Swift is excited to continue to bring new products to life using the innovative, low-risk, and powerful platforms of Kickstarter and MacroFab.

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