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David Eagleman and Scott Novich founded NeoSensory as an extension on Novich’s PhD thesis on non-invasive sensory augmentation. Together, they combined their skills and passions in order to improve the lives of the hearing-impaired with the Versatile Extra-Sensory Transducer, better known as the VEST.

MacroFab played a pivotal production role by providing NeoSensory with small order capabilities and fast turnaround time, allowing the team to spend more time on their high-level research and development.

Project Overview & Challenge

NeoSensory needed to move quickly from research and development to a finalized prototype version of the VEST – a wearable sensory-augmentation device that helps the hard of hearing community perceive sound through vibrations on the human body. The team began searching for a manufacturer who could produce small batches efficiently and effectively.

We’ve been able to iterate our design and change our prototype, and wouldn’t have been able to get so ahead in our R&D without you.” – Scott Novich, NeoSensory

Prior to MacroFab, NeoSensory was in the early stages of research and development, still looking for an easy-to-use, cost-effective manufacturer who could make their first prototype quickly. They discovered that traditional manufacturers refused to produce small-order-quantities and required large investment costs for the first few production runs. Not only were the costs of production with traditional manufacturers too high; delivery was slow, product iteration and testing was delayed, and the whole process of bringing the VEST to market was being postponed. David and Scott grew worried that if they didn’t find a solution, their dream of helping the hearing impaired may not come to fruition. Faced with these challenges, the NeoSensory team looked for alternatives and found the MacroFab cloud manufacturing platform.

MacroFab Solution

When trying the MacroFab cloud-manufacturing platform for the first time, NeoSensory was surprised at how easy it was for them to upload their files, select their components, and get an instant quote – with just a few clicks. What really enticed them to select MacroFab over any traditional manufacturer was the platform’s ability to forecast future costs based on quantity and supplies. These advantages have helped the NeoSensory team advance rapidly through the different phases of research and development.

“SMT soldering for QFN chips is what first got us hooked with you guys, and your very quick turnaround time is what sold us on your service. Your quotes are also exceptionally low so that totally had us sold on making our prototype with you.” Scott Novich, NeoSensory

NeoSensory plans to bring their product to market with the MacroFab inventory management service and produce right here in their hometown of Houston, Texas.

“It is really helpful for us to be able to predict in the future how the scale of the product will be able to predict our future prices and how things will change,” adds Novich.

NeoSensory is excited to be working with a cutting edge manufacturer that takes the hassle out of their electronics prototyping, making it easy and affordable for them to service the hearing-impaired community.

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