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When the architecture firm KieranTimberlake was developing new technology to understand the dynamic relationship between buildings, systems, and climate, they needed an electronics manufacturer that would provide quick turnaround production on small-order quantities so that they could iterate their technology at a pace that matched their team’s feedback loops.

With the MacroFab cloud-manufacturing platform, KieranTimberlake found the electronics manufacturing specifications they were looking for.

Project Overview and Challenge

KieranTimberlake is recognized worldwide for its research-grounded approach to design for new structures, existing buildings, master plans, and building products. The firm’s research group has developed a range of software and hardware to allow other practitioners to integrate data with architecture. Products such as the Pointelist and Predictive Temperature Modeling systems are designed to make it easy to install whole-building temperature and humidity monitoring and conduct detailed data analysis.  Small and affordable sensors are deployed with wireless controllers in commercial buildings at high density in locations which are typically not monitored by conventional building automation systems. Through proprietary sensor technology and cloud software systems, KieranTimberlake is able to make design decisions about building systems such as active natural cooling and context-aware temperature controls.


“Architects are accustomed to rapid design evolution – but it was challenging to work at the same rate with electronics. While working with MacroFab we were happy to discover an iterative capacity that aligned with our design process.” – Eric Eisele, Prototype Engineer

The firm’s research team follows an iterative design process throughout all of their projects, and attempting to simultaneously design and assemble electronic prototypes in-house was not practical. MacroFab’s cloud manufacturing platform gave them the ability to control the design process while quickly running multiple prototype programs at an affordable price. This freed them up to work on new designs rather than struggling to assemble and test small, complex devices.

The MacroFab Solution

Getting a new product through customer validation and early development cycles can be a time-consuming and costly venture with traditional manufacturers that are focused primarily on sourcing large-volume manufacturing.  KieranTimberlake’s wireless sensor products are designed to come in a wide variety of configurations, combining custom electronics with off-the-shelf components and custom enclosures.  For their products, several PCB designs are utilized in widely differing volumes. With the easy elastic production that MacroFab provides, the KieranTimberlake team was able to face this challenge. Using our automation technology brings low-volume production down to prices within the reach of any team’s budget.

To meet the feature requirements of KieranTimberlake’s monitoring platform, they also needed to know in real-time which devices are deployed to which customers. Traditionally, this would require a large amount of manual labor on their part, and a dedicated operations staff to provision each new customer.  However, with MacroFab, they will be able to automatically tag metadata to each device manufactured, manage their inventory remotely, and through direct integration with our APIs, automate the deployment and tracking of every device they send to their customers.


“MacroFab was an enabling force in in the process of proving out this product. They offered us the ability to create iterative prototypes at a justifiable price. ” – Eric Eisele, Prototype Engineer

A true cloud manufacturing platform enables more than just rapid and iterative manufacturing, but also the promise of expanding the capabilities and automation in any connected product in ways that many companies had only dreamed of before.  Device-level data integration from manufacturing to inventory, shipping, and deployment at the customer is the future of any connected product. We hope to continue working with KieranTimberlake as they develop integrated building products that can move the practice of architecture forward.

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