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Turnkey PCB assembly and System Integration

Also referred to as “box build” system integration is the assembly work that you define after your PCB assembly has been completed. MacroFab works with fabricators and distributors to receive your enclosures, cables, wire harnesses, sub-assemblies and other electromechanical components that go into your product. Then we integrate all of these systems to build your finished product using these steps, per your specifications:

  1. System Level Assembly
  2. Product Assembly
  3. Testing
  4. Software Loading and Product Configuration
  5. Packaging & Labeling
  6. Complete product shipment

“We like MacroFab because they offer a really good price point, and they not only manufacture but they also do box build assembly…you can manage your inventory, your orders and all of your customers through their online platform….they have a great, responsive staff who offer hands-on support, and that’s made all the difference.”

Aaron M.

Co-Founder and CEO, OSBeehives

Industry Leading System Integration

System Level Assembly

We take your fabricated components, custom enclosures, sheet metal, cables, wire harnesses, PCBAs, adhesives or whatever your product requires, and we install them per your specifications.

Product Assembly

MacroFab will take your PCBAs, and system level assembly and install them into their finished enclosures per your requirements.

Software loading and product configuration

MacroFab will embed your software into your product, then configure and test your device based on your instrauctions.


We will test your finished product to ensure that the systems function and your enclosures are built, all to your specifications. If your products require FCC and CE testing, MacroFab has relationships with trusted companies who offer this service and we will be happy to refer you to them.

Packaging and labeling

We will help you source custom packages, if needed and will fulfill your finished product into those packages. Manage your customers’ orders through our platform and send us shipment request through then let us take care of the rest.

Complete product shipment

MacroFab will ship directly to you or to your customers. You can track your shipments through our email notifications and online platform. MacroFab uses UPS and USPS as our carriers.

Ordering your box build is now easier


Contact Sales to help you get started and to generate a custom quote that includes PCB assembly and full system integration.


Login to your MacroFab account to submit specifications for how you want your final products assembled. Also visit this helpful Knowledge Base article to get started.

Uses for System Integration

Internet of Things

Digital Oilfield


Industrial Automation

Consumer Electronics

Your Industry

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