Conformal Coating

Increase reliability in harsh environments

Contamination from moisture, dust, fungus, extreme temperatures, chemicals, and other environmental hazards can impact the performance of your PCBs. If your boards are exposed to these conditions, safeguard them with conformal coating.

What is conformal coating?

Conformal coating is a transparent thin polymeric film that conforms to the contours of your printed circuit board to protect the board’s components with minimal effect on your component weight. Conformal coating is used to protect the surface of the PCB from harsh elements.

Why Use Conformal Coating?

Conformal coating extends the life of your PCB in harsh environments while protecting it from abrasion and moisture. It is ideal when you want to protect your PCBs from environmental contamination including, Other environmental hazards, prevent bleed between close components, allow closer conductor spacing, minimize environmental stress on your PCB.

Protect your PCBs from environmental contamination

Other environmental hazards

Prevent bleed between close components

Allow closer conductor spacing

Minimize environmental stress on your PCB

What types and methods do we use?

MacroFab masks and then sprays your PCBs with the conformal coating. Here are the types we provide:




To ensure quality, we add a UV tracer to all of our conformal coating and inspect your boards for quality control under a UV light according to certified industry standards.

MacroFab’s headquarters use a spray coating method which is the second most widely used and accepted application. Advantages of spray coating are the ability to coat at high volumes quickly, reduced masking, better coverage and a more uniform thickness.

We have a Partner Network of more than 40 factories, each with a specific set of capabilities, including various conformal coating types and methods. If you have specific requirements, our experienced team will match your project with a factory equipped for your needs.

Programming and Testing

All PCBs are 100% E-tested at the board house to ensure electrical verification. We implement all customer-established PCB assembly programming and testing procedures. All that is required is a list of your needed equipment and documentation of your instructions. If you don’t yet have a procedure or need assistance in creating one, MacroFab can help put you in touch with the right resources through one of our many 3rd party vendor relationships. To get started, contact customer service to submit your programming and testing procedures.

PCB Specifications and DRC

MacroFab supports common PCB specifications for finished drill sizing; drill ratios and laser vias; PCB layer stack ups; we have PCB and material data sheets and assembly capabilities. MacroFab has 4 different sets of Design Rule Checks (DRC) for PCBs. Standard, Extended Manufacturing, Extended Drill, and Extended Manufacturing and Drill. Most PCBs fall under our Standard DRC. Visit our Knowledge Base for more information.

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