The Difference Between Products and Other Inventory Items

Last Updated: June 19, 2019
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Products enable you to combine items together into a final assembly and can be shipped to customers as part of fulfillment orders. They represent things you sell. Every product you create also has an associated inventory item. Because they are things you sell, they contain additional data on top of their inventory items, including tariff codes, insurance values, and more.

Key Product Concepts:

  • Products can contain zero or more inventory items, including other products
  • Only products can be included in fulfillment requests
  • PCB Assemblies can be linked to a Product for building into inventory
  • Products contain assembly, program, and testing instructions
  • Products create a new inventory item with the same SKU as the product
  • You cannot add a product with the SKU of an existing inventory item
  • Product inventory items can be used to build PCBs (You can add a daughter-board PCB product to another PCB, for example)

Normal Inventory Items

Normal inventory items do not represent a specific product. They are materials that can be consumed to create PCB Assemblies or combined to create products. You can use them to build from inventory for PCB Assemblies, attach them to products, and ship these items inbound. You cannot fulfill non-product inventory items to your customers.

Key Normal Inventory Item Concepts:

  • Normal inventory items can be used to build PCB Assemblies and Products
  • Normal inventory items can be stored for future use
  • Normal inventory items have a minimum amount of information associated with them
  • Normal inventory items cannot be fulfilled to customers

Additional Resources

The knowledge base contains several articles on Fulfillment and Products for more detail on these subjects. If you have additional questions please ask our support team.