Quick Turn, Prototype, or Production Class Service?

Last Updated: December 6, 2021
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MacroFab currently offers three different service levels for orders. The class of service needed will depend on your PCB’s specifications, number of components, and quantity of units. To reduce costs and speed up lead times, Quick Turn Class Service and Prototype Class Service orders are batched together to reduce the NRE and other associative costs across all customer orders in these service levels. This, however, requires a narrow set of design rules and PCB specifications.  With the Production Class Service, the number of PCB specifications and options you can choose is much wider, but you will have to purchase an entire panel for manufacturing.

PCB Specification and Assembly Options Per Service

Property Quick Turn
Class Service
Class Service
Class Service
Layers 2, 4 2, 4 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16
PCB Substrate FR4-TG175 FR4-TG175 FR4-TG175, Rogers 4003C, Rogers 4350B, Rogers 4450B
Thickness 0.062” (1.6mm) 0.062” (1.6mm) 0.062” (1.6mm) standard, 0.008″-0.248″ (0.2mm – 6.3mm) custom
PCB Thickness Increment n/a n/a 0.0004″ (0.01mm)
Max Dimensions 14.9” x 14.9” (378.46mm x 378.46mm) 14.9” x 14.9” (378.46mm x 378.46mm) 14.9” x 14.9” (378.46mm x 378.46mm)
Minimum Billable Area 1 square inch (25.4mm²) 1 square inch (25.4mm²) 25 square inches (635mm²)
Copper Weight 1 ounce (35um) 1 ounce (35um) 1/2 ounce (18μm), 1 ounce (35μm), 2 ounce (70μm)
Silkscreen Color White White Red, green, blue, yellow, black, white
Soldermask Color Red Red Red, green, light green, matte green, blue, yellow, black, matte black, white, dark brown, transparent
Plated Slots Yes Yes Yes
Hard Gold / Edge Fingers No No Yes
Castellations Yes Yes Yes
Impedance Control No No Yes
Blind and Buried Vias
No No Yes
Back Drilled Vias No No Yes
Micro Drill Vias No No Yes, Select Extended Drill option
Epoxy Filled and Capped Vias No No Yes
Manufacturing Design Rules
Standard Standard Standard, Extended MFG, Extended Drill, Extended MFG and Drill
Max Unit Quantity
50 units
Max SMT Placements
Max SMT Line Items
Max PTH Placements
Max PTH Line Items
Max Total Placements
2000 3500

For more in depth information about PCB Specifications and Design Rules check out the Technical Capabilities category of the knowledge base.

What Is Quick Turn and How Do I Qualify For It?

The Quick Turn Class Service allows engineering teams to quickly iterate on designs to finalize their products. If your PCB design and order meets theses specifications then the MacroFab Platform will automatically adjust the lead time to be 10 business days.

  1. Have no more than 50 units
  2. Have fewer than 2,000 total surface-mount placements (SMT)
  3. Have fewer than 20 unique SMT line items
  4. No through-hole placements
  5. No consignment parts

There are no additional charges for our 10-day turnaround service. Click here for more information on 10-day prototyping.

If you have any additional questions with the different PCB services MacroFab provides please contact our support team.

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