Navigating the PCB Interface

Last Updated: April 4, 2019
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The PCB interface is where you will be uploading your design files and managing your PCB’s bill of materials, layer files, and part placements. This article covers the PCB interface’s general layout and feature set.

PCB Interface Overview

1. Uploading Files Area

In the middle of the interface you can drag and drop your PCB design files or use the “Upload Files” button. For more information about uploading PCBs check out our article on Creating a PCB and Uploading Design Files.

2. PCB Meta Data

In the upper left of the interface is where the name of your PCB, description of the PCB, notes, and which version of the PCB you are working with. When a new PCB is created the PCB name is defaulted to “New PCB” and the Version system begins at 1.

Clicking the blue icon to the right of the PCB name opens the editor for changing or adding a PCB name, PCB description, and PCB notes. The PCB notes can be used to notify our operations team of anything specific to your PCB that is not captured by the interface.

Clicking the version drop down arrow will bring up the list of versions that are associated with the current PCB. Clicking a version will load that version of the PCB. Clicking “<new version>” will copy everything from the current version into a new version. This is useful for iterating on bill of material changes. You can always upload new design files (like gerbers) to the new version without affecting other versions of the PCB.

3. PCB Interface Navigation Tabs

Below the PCB Meta Data area is the navigation tabs for the PCB interface. Clicking the tabs will move you to different areas of the PCB interface. From left to right they are: Design, Bill of Materials, Part Placement, and Quote and Order.

4. Price Tracker

In the upper right corner of the PCB interface there is a price tracker and quantity field. This area lets you now what the price is, lead time and adjust the quantity of how many PCB assemblies you need. Adjusting the quantity changes the estimated lead time displayed and price in real time.

Hovering over the lead time estimate will display a window that shows if your PCB currently qualifies for our 10-Day manufacturing service. For more information on our 10-Day PCB service and other PCB services we offer check out the knowledge base article, Quick Turn, Prototype, or Production Class Service.

Hovering over the price will display a window that shows a break down of the different line items for your PCB along with a per unit price.

If you are new to the MacroFab platform check out the next article in the series, Working with the Design Viewer. If you have any other questions about the PCB interface please feel free to contact our support team.