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Last Updated: March 3, 2020
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The MacroFab Platform goes beyond PCB assemblies with the concept of Products. Products enable you to define the things that you sell to your customers and enable the fulfillment of orders by MacroFab. Products can consist of PCB assemblies, PCBs packaged into enclosures or kitted with other items, and accessories that you sell to your customers along with your electronics devices.

The Product Management features enable you to define build and test instructions for PCBs, receive quotes on build-box and testing activities automatically, and fulfill orders. Only Products can be fulfilled to customers. With Products you can combine multiple inventory items as a distinct package or SKU and then fulfill those to customers.

Key Product Types

There are three key product types:

  • Standalone PCB Products
  • Final Assembly Electronics
  • Kitted Packages of Electronics and Accessories

Standalone PCB Products

Standalone PCB products are the core of any Final Assembly, but in some cases you may choose to sell assembled PCBs alone as a product. In the MacroFab platform, you can link a PCB to a Product, enabling you to define the programming and testing procedures for the Product, and receive quotes for both assembly and program/test in one place.

For more information on building Standalone PCB Products, see the knowledge base article Building PCBs as a Stand-Alone Product.

Final Assembly Electronics

For most products you will want to sell, the product will be a combination of a printed circuit board, an enclosure, and other components necessary to make a final product. The MacroFab Platform allows you to first define the program and test procedure for the assembled PCB, and then define the process and required components for the final build-box assembly. Real-time quotes are provided for any volume of final build-box production, and you can place full Product assembly orders right in your browser.

All of the materials not produced or acquired by MacroFab for your final assemblies can be shipped in to us, and tracked from your Inventory Management portal, then included with one or more products and built-to-demand with the click of a button.

For more information on building Final Assemblies, see the knowledge base article Creating Final Electronic Assemblies.

Kitted Packages of Electronics and Accessories

The MacroFab platform enables you to define accessories and other items you wish to ship to your customers as products, or to kit multiple items together as a single product to be pre-built and shipped as needed.

In the same way that you can define Final Assemblies, you can also define kitted products.

Programming, Testing, and Build-Box Instructions

With MacroFab, you can interactively define, quote, and order PCB assemblies that are pre-programmed and tested, and create final product assemblies that have been assembled with quality verification and packaging. These capabilities are built right into the platform, and there is no need to email or call us for basic quotes.

For more information on these activities, check out the following knowledge base articles:

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