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Last Updated: November 10, 2020
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The MacroFab Platform automatically calculates fulfillment fees based on how many unique SKUs and items are in your order, and whether or not your order is destined for an international recipient or a domestic (US) recipient. In all cases, we charge you the actual shipping costs we pay without markup along with a labor charge based on the contents of the shipment and its destination.

Shipping Costs

We work with both the United States Postal Service (USPS) and United Parcel Service (UPS) for fulfillment orders. In all cases, we charge you the estimated shipping costs provided to us by these carriers without any markup.

For USPS shipments, we have Commercial Plus pricing, and you can see and estimate costs at the USPS Pricing Page, or create a shipment in the Fulfillment Management page to see shipping costs.

With UPS, we regularly renegotiate rates, and there is no posted pricing.  You can see shipping costs for UPS by creating a shipment in the Fulfillment Management page.

Labor Costs

Our labor charges are based on the number of unique SKUs, the number of items per SKU, and whether or not it is a domestic shipment or international shipment. The following table describes our labor fee structure:

  Domestic International
Base Labor Rate (Up to 2 SKUs, Up to 3 Items per SKU) $2.89 $3.81
Each Additional SKU > 2 per Package $0.46 $0.60
Each Additional Item > 3 per SKU $0.10 $0.10

The basic labor rate covers up to 2 SKUs (unique product type) per package, and up to 3 items of each product type.  If you have more than 3 items of one SKU or more than 2 SKUs in a package, the additional charges will kick in for each SKU or item.

For example, the following shipments are displayed:

Package Contents Destination Cost
1 Item of 1 SKU Domestic $2.89
2 Items of 1 SKU, 4 Items of 1 SKU International $3.81 + ( 1 x $0.10 ) = $3.91
100 Items of 1 SKU Domestic $2.89 + ( 97 * $0.10 ) = $12.59
5 SKUs, 1 Item Each International $3.81 + ( 3 x $0.60 ) = $5.61

Additional Questions?

If you have more questions about how fulfillment is priced please contact our support team.