Consigning Materials and Building from Inventory

Last Updated: April 15, 2019
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While selecting parts for your Bill of Materials, you may run into a situation where you can’t find and select a part you want. Your part may be proprietary and that it is unavailable on the market, or perhaps you already have a large inventory of exotic or expensive parts that you would like to use for your next manufacturing run.

Consignment and inventory parts give you more flexibility in choosing the parts you want to use for your PCBs. Consigning parts are a great solution for when you want to proceed with placing an order, without having to wait on getting the parts moved into your inventory. You can also send us parts in advance, and then build out of your inventory when you’re ready to place an order.

Consignment in the Bill of Materials

You can now consign your parts to us as part of the BOM management process. When selecting the parts that you want to populate on your board, you can choose between three options:

  1. MacroFab will source House Parts or Distributor Parts when TurnKey is selected;

  2. You will Consign parts to MacroFab for this order by shipping them yourself;

  3. You will consume parts from your inventory held on-site using our Inventory Management Service.



Calculating Labor Costs

If you consign a part with a known part number, we’ll detect the number of pins and mounting type and calculate labor pricing. If, on the other hand, you search for a part number that is not available on the market, you will be asked to give us only the most basic information that we need to figure out how to calculate labor costs for the consigned part.


Sending Consignment Parts

After placing an order containing consignment parts, the newly created order page will contain info on how to send us your parts.




Inventory Parts

Parts for PCBs and materials for final products can supplied to us in advance and added into your inventory.

Getting Your Parts to Us

After placing your order and defining the details of the shipment you will be sending to MacroFab, you can simply drop your parts in the mail. When we receive them, we’ll perform an audit to check the quantities, tag them, and store them in our secure inventory facility until your PCBs are ready for manufacture. Once the assembly of your PCBs is complete, any parts that were not used during the manufacturing process will be returned to you along with your completed PCBs.