Build Planning

Last Updated: June 14, 2019
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Projecting future costs for your products is simple with the MacroFab platform. In the Product workflow, click Build Planning, which is the last step after you have defined your product and associated inventory and/or linked PCB.

Price Estimator

Use the sliding price estimator to dynamically modify your balance sheet based on the quantity of products you would like to build. The balance sheet shows total cost, the amount you would owe MacroFab, the dollar amount of inventory needed, and the dollar amount of inventory you already have available. The remaining costs show an accurate balance of what it would cost to build the desired quantity of products. The pie graph shows a helpful breakdown by percentage and dollar amount of components you would need to provide, components to be consumed from inventory, and components to be built (by MacroFab).

Click the Download BOM Worksheet to receive a .csv file containing all of the components in your product with units and costs listed by part. If there is a PCB associated with your product, you will see it listed here as well.


Need Support?

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