Last Updated: June 4, 2019
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For PCBs created using Altium, MacroFab can automatically extract all manufacturing data from the ODB++ export data from Altium.

Altium ODB++ File Generation

ODB++ files are exported directly from your PCB and include the PCB layers and placement data needed to build your design. For the BoM, you will also need to export a two-column spreadsheet (.xlsx) – one column for designators and a second column for MPN.

Open your design in Altium and navigate to the PCB view.

To open the ODB++ export window click File -> Fabrication Outputs -> ODB++ Files.

Selecting ODB++ from the fabrication output menu will bring up the following window showing the output options.

Make sure all of the boxes in the Layers to Plot section of this window are checked and press OK. Altium will now automatically generate all of the necessary manufacturing files. This may take a few moments.

Once the file generation is complete Altium will generate a new folder called odb in the directory where the PCB file is saved.


Uploading Altium ODB++ files to MacroFab

To upload ODB++ files to MacroFab, simply zip the entire odb folder (located in the same directory as your Altium PCB save file). Create a new PCB Project in MacroFab, click on the “Design Files” tab, and then drag or upload your odb zip file over to your project.