Being a successful Kickstarter creator for an electronic product can be super overwhelming. There’s a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to get through. However, having quality printed circuit board assembly can take a lot of that stress off of your shoulders.

But where do you begin?

If manufacturing electronics is a new thing for you, it can be super overwhelming. From rejected prototypes to waiting ages for assembly quotes, there can be a steep learning curve for manufacturing electronics.

Lucky for you, we’ve got this.

Crowdfunding is being completely redefined with some new manufacturing companies on the horizon. They are centered around being flexible, transparent, and cost-effective for you. Over 34,000 technology-based projects have brought in almost $720 million in crowdfunding on Kickstarter since 2009. We’ve helped numerous companies bring their campaign to life, such as Specdrums,, Rabid Prototypes, OpenMV Cam, and more. Here are some great places get started talking about the right questions to ask, plans of attack for success, and tips to help you kickstart your product the right way.

It’s time to launch your idea. Are you ready?

    Choosing the right printed circuit board manufacturer can make your electronics Kickstarter process much simpler, but how do you choose one? Here are some questions you should be asking when trying to pick the right manufacturer. Do you accept orders for prototypes and small production runs? Prototyping and iteration are incredibly important things to keep in mind when building a product from the idea up. Do you have an online portal for ordering and project management and can I demo it? Using an online portal helps make sure the process is user-friendly while offering all the features you want. Do you offer both printed PCB assembly and electronic device assembly? Finding a service that provides both can eliminate delays and miscommunications in the assembly process. Does your electronics manufacturing service offer inventory management and fulfillment? Inventory management and fulfillment services save you the extra work and cost of storing products as well as  shipping them out yourself. Do you offer “House” parts? House parts are commonly used parts the manufacturer keeps in stock, thus allowing them to use these parts in your products at a discounted price to you. Check out our in-depth guide here.  

Creating electronic products can be expensive, but your PCB doesn’t have to be. Here are three ways the right electronics manufacturer can help you save some coin. Low Prototyping Costs Prototyping can be expensive, but the right manufacturer won’t be. No Minimum Quantity Requirements Minimum quantities can mean maximum prices, so you should find a manufacturer with no minimums. House Parts House parts allow you supplier discounts even if you don’t have the budget of one. Check out our in-depth guide here.  

Crowdfunding can be a slow process with many roadblocks, so making sure your PCBs get to you as soon as possible can speed up your path to manufacturing. Here are a few ways to help nudge that process along. Instant, Online Quotes Instant quotes allow you to get your costs quickly, which lets you start the manufacturing process immediately. Cloud-Based Manufacturing Platform The PCB manufacturing process happens at a much faster rate when your platform is easily accessible and working for you, 24/7. Turn-Key Service Turn-key service eliminates part sourcing, supplier negotiating, and fabricator shipping. Check out our in-depth guide here.  

Promising a great idea is one thing, but delivering that promise to your consumers is another! Here are a couple things to keep in mind while turning your idea into a reality. Inventory Management and Fulfillment Choose a manufacturing provider who manages and ships out inventory for you, which helps save time and avoid mistakes. Having a Relationship With Your Manufacturer Dedicated customer support and in-house production make it easier to keep track of your project every step of the way. Check out our in-depth guide here.  

Kickstarter & Community-Driven Development

Sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in all the hard work necessary for a Kickstarter campaign. Funding, marketing, production, creation, shipping, and more – it can really bog you down. But it’s important to remember why you’re doing what you do in the first place. Making is a movement driven by community, not by a market.  

Kickstarter & Scalable Improvements

Scalability is how well a system or company can handle growing demands over time. The next generation of manufacturing services needs to be able to meet the needs of ALL tiers of the maker community. In a world of true scalability, smaller will rapidly innovate to create creating new solutions faster and cheaper than ever before.