High-Volume Production

Move Your Production to MacroFab, Today.

Use MacroFab’s electronics manufacturing services during the prototyping phase, then stay with us for your high-volume production to get your product to market faster and easier than ever before.

Using our our cloud-based platform to upload your files is the first step to receiving instant quotes and it gives you the opportunity to experience our consistent manufacturing quality. Once you are happy with the prototype, our team will work with you to deliver custom quotes and timelines for high-volume production runs. From there, we will manage the manufacturing logistics, so you can focus on running your business, not sourcing components.

One Platform. Endless Possibilities.

Our online platform seamlessly takes you from prototype to high volume electronics manufacturing, and our dedicated team will manage your project, so you don’t have to.

Higher Volume with Less Hassle

  • Get custom production quotes based on your timeline, design files and BOM
  • No downtime – you’ll always have access to available capacity through our network of factories

Globally Competitive Pricing

  • Gain instant access to massive savings from our international manufacturing facilities.

Product Programming, Assembly, & Testing

  • MacroFab’s turnkey PCB assembly services means we will take care of enclosures, fulfillment and inventory management to get your product market ready.

A Timeline to Scale Your Production

Here is an estimated timeline of moving your product from prototyping to production. This will give you good benchmarks to work backward from.

PCB Prototyping

  • Quantity: 10-25 units
  • Time: 10-25 business days

Even if you already have a working prototype, we recommend you use our platform and PCB assembly services so that you become familiar with our quality of work. It’s also important for us to get familiar with your product and specs before moving into production runs. To get started, upload your files to our platform and view instant quotes on prototyping.

Custom Quotes

  • 1-2 weeks for PCB assembly
  • 2-3 weeks for PCB assembly + full box build

Once you have validated the functionality of your prototype, we recommend freezing your design files, BOM, firmware, testing procedures, and all assembly instructions so that we can provide a full quote. Once your prototypes have been validated, we will work with you to generate custom production quotes and timelines.

Manufacturing Production Begins:

  • Quantity: 1,000+ units
  • Time: 4-6 weeks

Once everything is finalized, MacroFab will kick off your production process which includes:

  • Sourcing materials
  • Tooling manufacturing
  • Procurement of stencils and wave solder pallets
  • Inventorying all items
  • Project management

Once manufacturing is complete and after passing final quality control, we will ship the products either to you or directly to your customers.

We hope this gives you a better idea of how to easily get your product to market.

Ready for better manufacturing?