Products are a core concept in the MacroFab Platform that enable you to fulfill orders to your customers, define complex assemblies, and perform tests and validation of devices before they leave the factory floor.  In these articles, we cover the key topics to understand about Products, while outlining strategies for dealing with direct-to-customer and direct-to-inventory production.

The MacroFab Platform goes beyond simple PCB assemblies with the concept of Products. Products let you go beyond simple PCB assemblies, allowing you to combine PCBs with other components to make a final, customer-ready product. You can specify instructions for programming, testing, and build-box assembly, get quotes for building products, plan out what large volume runs may cost and more. This article introduces the product concepts and explains how all of the pieces fit together.

In this article, we cover the basics of creating a new product in the MacroFab Platform.

If your final product is an assembled PCB alone, without an enclosure or other items added to it, this guide will walk you through the steps necessary to define the product, link it to a PCB, and build into inventory.

Complex products consist of a PCB and other materials to form a customer-ready product.  These articles cover key complex product concepts, including how to define a product with a PCB and other elements, create varying packages of different products, or kit pre-made items together into one final product.

Creating Kitted Products

Kitted Products combine multiple items into a single external package, and outside of packaging the new product have no other build-box or QC activities.  You can use Kitted Products to make packages with accessories, create a default configuration of multiple items you sell often, or combine loose inventory items into a single product for sale.

Creating Final Electronic Assemblies

Final Electronic Assemblies are products which consist of one or more PCBs combined with other elements, such as wires, or an enclosure, through a build-box assembly process to create a finalized product ready for sale. This article covers creating these types of products.

The programming and testing of PCB assemblies is essential for any electronics product. Before you can ship a PCB-based product to a customer, you'll want to verify that all components function as expected.  This article covers how to specify the programming and testing procedures for a PCB-based product, utilizing programming jigs, and more.

With the MacroFab platform, you can interactively define the entire build and validation procedure for complex products, get quotes for final assembly, and place orders right in your browser.  This article walks through the process of defining build-box instructions and best practices for stress-free assembly.    

Use our Build Planning tool to see cost breakdowns based on projected quantity of your products.

Before you can send products to international customers, you'll need to define the harmonized tariff codes that will be used on the customs forms for your shipments.  This article explains what harmonized tariff codes are, why you need them, and how to find the codes for your products.