With MacroFab, you have the ability to ship in and store inventory with us. You can build Products into Inventory, fulfill orders from Inventory, build PCBs and Products using materials in your inventory and more.  These articles walk you through the core Inventory concepts of the MacroFab Platform.

When you need to build a new product, you'll most likely need some items that aren't PCBs assembled by MacroFab.  This article discusses the different ways inventory items are created.

When you're building complex products, shipping out extras to backers, or if you already have some components on-hand that you'll need us to use when building PCBs later, you'll need to get that inventory to us.  This article covers creating Inbound Shipments to MacroFab so that we may quickly and easily get them into your inventory.

While creating products creates new inventory items, you can also create inventory items that are not products.  This article discusses the differences between basic inventory items, and product inventory items and how to effectively manage them.