Our manufacturing line and processes are built from the ground up to give you real-time status as your order is processed. Notification Rules allow you to get real-time updates via email as your orders are processed.

There are two primary types of alerts:

  1. Order Status Change

    These alerts are sent when the overall status of your order changes, and are the least frequent type of alert.

  2. Order Progress Event

    These alerts are sent when something is done with your order: whether we’ve ordered PCBs, received, them, or put one of your PCBs into a machine. They give you a real-time view into what’s happening with your order.

Once you’ve selected an alert type, you’ll be able to select a specific event (or even all events of that type!) and specify an email address to send the alert to. This lets you route these alerts to specific people who need to know when something important happens.

Alert Throttling

Email alerts are only sent once for each event type to prevent an annoying flood of email messages when you have a lot of panels. You will only receive an alert for a specific type the first time it occurs.

You can always see every event that has occurred by going by viewing the Order Page for the specific order you want to review.

Removing Alerts

You may remove any alert rule by clicking the X to the right of it in the table.