PCB Specifications and Assembly Capabilities

Standard and Extended PCB Specifications

Property Standard PCB Specifications Custom PCB Specifications
Layers 2, 4 2, 4, 6, 8
FR4 TG175 TG175
Thickness 0.062” (1.6mm) 0.062” (1.6mm) standard, 0.008″-0.248″ (0.2mm – 6.3mm) custom
PCB Thickness Increment n/a 0.0004″ (0.01mm)
Max Dimensions 15.5” x 15.5” (393.7mm x 393.7mm) 15.5” x 15.5” (393.7mm x 393.7mm)
Minimum Billable Area 1 square inch (25.4mm) 25 square inches (635mm)
Copper Weight 1 ounce (35um) 1 ounce (35um), 2 ounce (70um)
Silkscreen Color Variable Red, green, blue, yellow, black, white
Soldermask Color Variable Red, green, light green, matte green, blue, yellow, black, matte black, white, extreme white, dark brown, transparent
Impedance Control No Yes
Board Edge (Routing) Tolerance ± 0.006″ (0.15mm) ± 0.006″ (0.15mm)
Manufacturing Standard Extended

PCB Datasheets

Click here to download the MacroFab PCB stackup datasheet.
Click here to download the MacroFab manufacturing capabilities datasheet.
Click here to download the PCB Manufacturing Standards.
Click here to download the FR4 datasheet.
Click here to download the R-500 GHB Soldermask Datasheet

Design Rules for PCBs

Property Standard Manufacturing Extended Manufacturing Extended Drill
Minimum trace width 5 mil (0.13mm) 3 mil (0.08mm)
Minimum spacing 5 mil (0.13mm) 3 mil (0.08mm)
Minimum annular ring 6 mil (0.16mm) 3 mil (0.08mm)
Clearances from edge of board 10 mil (0.16mm) 3 mil (0.08mm)
Minimum drill size 12 mil (0.305mm) 12 mil (0.305mm) 4 mil (0.1mm)

Mechanical Limits on Part Package Size for Assembly

The parts to be assembled onto a PCB must be equal to or larger then the following specifications.

Type Examples Standard Manufacturing Extended Manufacturing
Chip Components Resistors/Capacitors 0402 40 mil x 20 mil (1mm x 0.5mm) 0201 20 mil x 10 mil (0.5mm x 0.25mm)
Leaded Packages SOIC/QFN/TSOP 11.8 mil (0.3mm) Lead Pitch 11.8 mil (0.3mm) Lead Pitch
BGA BGA/FBGA/HFBGA 15.7 mil (0.4mm) Ball Pitch 15.7 mil (0.4mm) Ball Pitch

Component Types

We support SMD, both leaded and leadless, BGA, PTH, hybrid, SoP, and daughter-board style components.  We do not currently support chip-on-board, or PCB integrated components.  Inquire about support for stacked packages and flip-chip which can be done on a case-by-case basis.

Assembly Sides

We support dual-sided assembly at no extra charge.

Build-Box Assembly

Yes, we perform build-box assembly, and you can even specify build instructions and receive quotes by creating a Product on the MacroFab Platform.

Assembly Location, Machines

All of our assembly services are provided in-house at our facility in Houston, Texas.

Our assembly line includes Mycronic MY200 pick and place machines, Mycronic MY500 paste jetters, Universal GSM2 pick and place machines, Electrovert Reflow Ovens, and RPS Rhythm Selective Solder machines. We also have process ovens for MSL requirements, automated wire cutting machines, and a wide array of hand-soldering/rework systems on our line.

IPC Quality Criteria for Assemblies

Unless otherwise requested, all assemblies are built to meet IPC-610-D Class 2 acceptance criteria.

RoHS/Lead-Free Solder Only

All assembly processes at MacroFab are designed to be RoHS compatible. We use SAC305 solder paste for surface mount components and SN100 solder for touch-up and through-hole soldering.

We are unable to use leaded, non-RoHS, or HMP solder in our processes.

No-Clean and Water-Soluble Flux

We currently use water-soluble fluxes and no-clean fluxes in our assemblies. All boards are water-washed during the assembly process, but small amounts of no-clean flux will remain after washing.

If your board components are water-sensitive, please contact us at support@macrofab.net before submitting an order.

ESD Safety

We follow all ESD safety procedures as documented in IPC-A-610. All of our work benches are grounded, and our floor is coated with a conductive sealant. Operators wear wrist straps at work stations, and heel straps for moving around the facility and moving product. All circuit boards are packaged in ESD bags prior to shipping.


We warranty our assemblies for 90 days for component failure/electrical defects, and for one year for workmanship issues. If you need to return your assemblies for rework, please contact us at support@macrofab.net to discuss the situation.

Our goal is always to ensure that you have great, working products that exceed your specifications at a great price. We stand behind our work and will resolve any issues that arise. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you run into any problems.