PCB Options offered by MacroFab

These are what MacroFab currently offers for PCB options though the online interface. See this knowledge base article for how to customize your PCB options.

Property Options Offered
Layers 2, 4, 6, 8
PCB Substrate FR4, TG175, Lead Free, RoHS Compliant
Thickness 0.062” (1.6mm) standard, 0.008″-0.248″ (0.2mm – 6.3mm) custom
PCB Thickness Increment 0.0004″ (0.01mm)
Max Dimensions 15.5” x 15.5” (393.7mm x 393.7mm)
Minimum Billable Area 1 square inch (25.4mm²)
Finish ENIG Finish
Solder Resist Top and Bottom Standard
Silkscreen Top and Bottom Standard
Copper Weight 1 ounce (35um), 2 ounce (70um)
Silkscreen Color Red, green, blue, yellow, black, white
Soldermask Color Red, green, light green, matte green, blue, yellow, black, matte black, white, dark brown, transparent
Plated Slots Supported
Castellations Supported
Impedance Control Supported
Blind and Buried Vias Not Supported

Design Rules for PCBs

MacroFab has 4 different sets of Design Rule Checks (DRC) for PCBs. Standard, Extended Manufacturing, Extended Drill, and Extended Manufacturing and Drill. Most PCBs fall under our Standard DRC. If you have any questions about your PCB design and what set of DRC to use, contact us!

Property Standard Manufacturing Extended Manufacturing Extended Drill Extended MFG & Drill
Minimum trace width 5 mil (0.13mm) 3 mil (0.08mm)  5 mil (0.13mm)  3 mil (0.08mm)
Minimum spacing 5 mil (0.13mm) 3 mil (0.08mm)  5 mil (0.13mm)  3 mil (0.08mm)
Minimum annular ring 6 mil (0.16mm) 3 mil (0.08mm) 6 mil (0.16mm)  3 mil (0.08mm)
Clearances from edge of board 10 mil (0.26mm) 3 mil (0.08mm)  10 mil (0.26mm)  3 mil (0.08mm)
Minimum drill size 12 mil (0.305mm) 12 mil (0.305mm) 4 mil (0.1mm)  4 mil (0.1mm)
Minimum paste aperture
12 mil (0.305mm) 12 mil (0.305mm) 12 mil (0.305mm)  12 mil (0.305mm)
Minimum Silkscreen Size
5 mil (0.127mm)  5 mil (0.127mm)  5 mil (0.127mm)  5 mil (0.127mm)

PCB Layer Stack Ups

MacroFab has a standard set of PCB layer stack ups that we use. If a custom stack up is required, contact us!

Click here to download the MacroFab PCB stack up datasheet.

PCB and Material Datasheets

Below you can find the datasheets for the materials that are used to create your PCB.

Click here to download the MacroFab manufacturing capabilities datasheet.
Click here to download the PCB Manufacturing Standards.
Click here to download the FR4 datasheet.
Click here to download the R-500 GHB Soldermask Datasheet