The PCB Viewer allows you to review your Gerber files for correct alignment and check for mistakes before the order is processed. It also shows your PCB how it will look when manufactured. Changing the soldermask color and silkscreen color will be reflected in the viewer in real time.

The PCB view is shown using processed SVG files from the Gerber data you upload, there may be artifacts displayed on the screen that show gaps in large pours that disappear when resizing or moving. These artifacts are caused by the SVG renderer in the browser and will not be present in your PCBs.

Navigating in the Viewer

On the right-hand panel, you will see the Specifications Controls and the PCB Layer Files. For more information about customizing your PCB Specifications check out this article.

The PCB Layer Files list shows all the gerber files that you uploaded or were generated from the EDA file, and may include layers that have no content. Hovering over a layer will show that layer in the viewer. Clicking the gear icon will bring up a menu that will show the name of the layer, allow deleting the layer, and allows pinning the layer to be visible all the time. Pinning the layer turns the PCB viewer from a “realistic” view of the PCB to a gerber representation of the layer.

You can also drag the layer to another section if you need to swap layers around!

The rotation, zoom, and flip icons are at the bottom-left side of the PCB viewer. Clicking and dragging in the PCB display panel will move the PCB within the display, this is especially useful when zoomed in to review details on larger, more complex boards.