The MacroFab Platform provides all of the tools necessary to ensure correct PCB fabrication and assembly right in your web browser. We make it easy to quote turnkey PCB assemblies instantly and in real-time, without the need to email or call anyone. Below is a summary of the steps required to get your PCBs assembled today.

Getting Started

The first step in getting an instant quote is to upload all of the required design and manufacturing data for your PCB design.  For some EDA software packages, we can automatically extract everything from your original design files. For others we can use a combination of design files, Gerber files, or ODB++ output.  For more information on the required design files and uploading them to the MacroFab Platform, see the knowledge base article Required Design Files.

PCB Specifications and Verification

Our interactive PCB viewer makes it easy to look through the different layers of your PCB and verify that every feature has been correctly identified.  You can quickly and easily zoom in, out, move around, and turn layers on and off to ensure your board is right before it goes to the fab.  For more information on using the PCB viewer, see the knowledge base article Working with the PCB Viewer. If your PCB has specific requirements like extra small trace widths, special colors, or micro vias, you can customize and tailor the PCB specifications to your needs in our interactive interface.  For more information on what customization options are available, see the knowledge base article Customizing PCB Options.

Selecting Parts and Managing Bill of Materials

The Bill of Materials management screen enables you to find the right components for your PCB and see line-level quotes for the materials and placement labor for each item. We can source components for you from Mouser, Digi-Key, or using our House Parts inventory. Alternatively, you can consign materials at order or build from existing materials in your inventory kept at MacroFab.  For more information on managing your bill of materials, see the knowledge base article Managing Your PCB Bill of Materials.

Ensuring Correct Assembly

The MacroFab Platform works differently than traditional EMS companies. The information you provide flows directly to our machines and manufacturing line, reducing lead time and costs to you. The Parts Placement Screen is designed to help ensure your placement data for parts is correct and accurate. For more information on correcting placement, see the knowledge base article The Parts Placement Screen.

Placing your Order

We make the ordering and PCB review process as transparent as possible to you by breaking down the cost of your PCB assembly. The Quote & Order screen displays the costs of the Labor, PCB, components, and NRE for your PCB assembly. Lead time and price breaks for production runs are shown here as well. This will allow you to forecast future scaling up of your product. To help verify your design this is where the platform will warn you of any errors or problems with your PCB design files and how to correct them. If all is well you will be able to order your latest PCB design. More information about the Quote & Order screen can be found in the knowledge base article Reviewing Your PCB Assembly Before Ordering.