Importing a .XLSX Bill of Material Spreadsheet

To import your .XLSX Bill of Material spread sheet. Drag the file into the workspace or click the “Upload Files” icon on the right side of the workspace and select your .XLSX file. After the MacroFab system uploads it, the “Import” button will appear on the right side of the workspace. Click the import button to start the process (Note: The Import button will still function as the PCB gerber files are processing.) This will move you to the Import workspace.

Here select the file from the drop-down. The MacroFab system will then try to automatically match the data in your .XLSX file.

If the information in there looks good you can go ahead and press Yes and your Bill of Materials will be filled out! If the information looks wrong press No and you will be able to choose which columns are component Designators, Values, Packages, Manufacturer Part Numbers, Part Placement, Ect…

When manually mapping the columns you can choose which rows to ignore as well. This is handy when your Bill of Materials has metadata about the board or headers that you don’t want in your Bill of Material information. To do so just click the row. After you are done click “Review and Import” in the upper left of the workspace. Your Bill of Materials should be uploaded now!