The MacroFab Platform enables you to create and order turnkey assembled PCBs without the need to call or email anyone. This section provides an overview of how the MacroFab PCB Assembly Process works and what is required to order an assembled PCB. Getting a real-time, ready-to-order quote is as easy as uploading your files. Get started today.

A quick overview of how the MacroFab Platform will change the way you order and manage your PCB Assemblies.

This is the one stop shop for all things related to the PCB options and capabilities offered by MacroFab for your project. Find all the PCB specifications, Design Rule Checks, PCB Layer Stack Up, and Material Datasheets here.

Complete details on MacroFab's assembly capabilities and processes. Find out about our Machines, IPC class specification, and RoHS guidelines.

MacroFab has three different classes for orders: Quick Turn, Prototype or Production. The difference between these three is more than just the quantity of the order. This knowledge base article covers those differences between the three services.

To facilitate our automated manufacturing process, we need complete information about your project. This includes PCB design files, bill of materials, and placement data for all components. For many EDA tools, we can extract this data automatically from the native files. If you're using an unsupported tool, want to create your data manually, or just want more information on how we handle the data for your project, this article covers all of the data you need to provide.

Getting your PCB assemblies manufactured has never been this easy. With the MacroFab Platform just drag and drop your manufacturing files to get started!

How to Upload PCB Files to MacroFab

The MacroFab Platform supports many different types of file formats to generate working data for your PCB project. Click to learn more about how to upload your design files into the MacroFab Platform.

Importing a Bill of Materials Spreadsheet

With MacroFab's Spreadsheet Upload tool you can quickly upload your PCB's Bill of Materials from a wide variety of PCB EDA Tools.

How to manage your PCB's files, design specifications, bill of materials, and part placements all within the MacroFab Platform.

Working with the PCB Viewer

The PCB Viewer allows you to review your uploaded files files for correct alignment, check for any layout mistakes, and specify your PCB specifications before the placing your order.

Cropping PCB Elements

To insure that elements from different orders/PCBs do not interfere with each other during our manufacturing process, we may automatically crop elements from a PCB which lie outside of the board outline.  This article covers what issues may potentially occur with cropping, and how to resolve them.

Customizing PCB Options

Does your PCB need a special soldermask color or require impedance control? Take control of the specifications of your PCB for a truly custom product.  This article guides you through the PCB customization process.

Managing Your PCB Bill of Materials

The PCB Bill of Materials Viewer allows you to manage the list of components to be placed on your PCB during assembly, while also detailing costs and any potential issues all in one place. This article covers the features and capabilities of the PCB Bill of Materials management tab.

Consigning Materials at Order Time and Building from Inventory

The MacroFab Platform enables you to easily consign materials in for PCB assembly, or to ship materials to us ahead of time and use them in one or more PCB production orders. This article guides you through the process of consigning in materials and building from inventory.

The Part Placement Screen

To ensure that your PCBs are manufactured as expected, we ask you to visually verify parts placement data.  This article guides you through the process of using the parts placement screen.

We simplified the return process by building in an easy way to report issues and request returns within the MacroFab platform.