MacroFab makes it easy to build Products and PCBs into Inventory, and then Fulfill that inventory to your customers on-demand.  These articles guide you through using the Fulfillment features of the MacroFab platform to quickly and easily get your products into customers' hands.

With the fulfillment capabilities of the MacroFab Platform, you can ship products stored with us to your customers quickly and easily.  This article covers creating fulfillment requests manually using the MacroFab interface.

Creating fulfillment requests manually can be a pain when you have dozens, or hundreds of customer orders to fulfill.  In this article, we'll cover how to upload many requests at once using a spreadsheet, along with a spreadsheet template to start out with.

In April of 2016, IATA issued new guidance on air shipments containing lithium ion batteries. MacroFab has a dangerous goods shipping contract in place with UPS and is pre-approved to ship lithium ion batteries via air freight for our customers.  This article outlines the requirements for shipping in lithium ion batteries for fulfillment, and labeling requirements for all incoming shipments of lithium ion batteries.

This article describes MacroFab's fulfillment fees, what we charge for, and how our charges are based to help you estimate the costs of fulfillment.