Working with the PCB Viewer

The PCB Viewer allows you to review your Gerber files for correct alignment and check for mistakes before the order is processed.

NOTE The PCB view is shown using processed SVG files from the Gerber data you upload, there may be artifacts displayed on the screen that show gaps in large pours that disappear when resizing or moving. These artifacts are caused by the SVG renderer in the browser and will not be present in your PCBs.


Navigating in the Viewer

On the right-hand panel, you will see the names of different layers, with icons indicating their color. This list represent all layers you have uploaded or that your EDA generates, and may include layers that have no content. Clicking on a layer in the right-hand panel toggles that layer on or off.

The rotation and zoom icons at the top of the right–hand panel rotate the display and zoom in and out. You may also zoom by using your mouse wheel while your cursor is over the PCB display panel.

Clicking and dragging in the PCB display panel will move the PCB within the display, this is especially useful when zoomed in to review details on larger, more complex boards.

The eye icon enables or disables semi-transparency on the layers, this can be used if the default slightly-opaque display makes it difficult to see traces.

Performance of the Viewer

The larger your board is and the more layers it has, the larger the images needed to represent it will be. For very large boards, this can take some time to load all of the layers and click-and-drag operations may slow down. We are always working to improve the performance of the PCB Viewer, so if you are running into problems, please let us know by emailing us at